The Bruner Bros. Music Group Label dedicates it's work and website to:



billy joe BRUNER, jr.   

Born October 2, 1978 - Second son to Billy & Donna Bruner - Lead Singer/Musician/Athlete

We Love You Lil' Billy! 'Always'




bernice bruner

Mother of Billy J. Bruner - Matriarch of Bruner Bros. Music Group, LLC.

We love you!




earl & marie steed

Father and Mother of Exec. Admin/First Lady Donna Bruner

Their tough love helped shaped BBMG into the tenacious company it is today!






Dr. Gary R. Davis

A friend, brother, and visionary to Billy J. Bruner and his family

Musician/Songwriter/Record Exec to BBMG  - "Thanks Doc! We got it from here."






Mr. William 'Ray' turner

Mr. Ray was a business partner turned best-friend to Pastors Billy & Donna Bruner

One known to help complete strangers - "Your love and generosity will never be forgotten"




KennETH & Kendra Taylor

Brother/Sister to (COO) and (CFO) Joe & Kenneatha Bruner

"We love you and will never forget you!"