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The Bruner Bros. Music brand has been around for quite some time. Starting in the 1970's with CEO Billy J. Bruner's indomitable hustle, in an effort to build a solid foundation within the music industry for himself and others.  With an incomparable style of creating music, the Bruner sound is recognized all across the globe.

B.T.W. High Tulsa, OK

B.T.W. High Tulsa, OK

    Billy's love for music began as a child listening and studying the likes of James Brown, The Temptations, and Sly Stone to name a few.  

    As a teenager, he attended the world renowned Booker T. Washington High School where he honed his skills as a young musician. The 'T' has produced numerous professional musicians/singers over the years such as the GAP Band, Wayman Tisdale, Smokie Norful and the list goes on. During his high school experience, Billy and his posse formed bands that wrote their own material and performed during school at events such as 'Hi-Jinks' - a tradition still upheld at Booker T. Washington High today. While attending college at Langston University (Langston, OK), he and his young team of musicians and vocalists took the campus by storm with the sound they had become known for shortly after arriving. Their stay on campus was nothing short of band rehearsal and they used college band equipment in an attempt to sharpen their skills daily. Not long after Billy had arrived at college he decided to return home to Tulsa, OK to pursue his musical career full-time. 

    While in Tulsa, he and his posse formed the bands J.O.B. and Program Band whom had eventually cornered their local music market. After noticing the high demand for their sound they made the life-altering decision to take their talents to California in an effort to gain a much broader fan base.  

    In Cali, he and others were invited to record 'Darwins Theory' [Lotus Land Records 1978] at SLY STUDIOS owned by musical legend Sly Stone in Santa Monica, Ca.  

     Instantly, Billy and friends realized they were born to write, create, and produce quality music for the masses. The team headed back home once again to spend time with family, revamp, and to make themselves available to other artists pursuing the same dream. As the Tulsa music scene emerged, Billy played with various bands (Satellite, The Billy Bruner Band, P.P.I., T'Spoon) and recorded an assortment of highly requested singles 'Say Yeah' (with Dr. Lester Shaw) 'The Dream', 'Tulsa Song', and 'My Girl' (released by Rx Records - founded by late Physician/Entrepeneur Dr. Gary R. Davis). 

    As Billy's career as an instrumentalist and solo artist began to soar, he was introduced to the renowned Gospel recording group 'The Followers of Christ' and began touring the world as a member of their band. As a child Billy and his mother attended church often which made the Gospel music scene home for him as well as his talents. To date, he enjoys worshipping with original members of the group (Lawrence Stokes, Adrian Humphrey) whom he calls his mentors/brothers in the Faith.


     By this time, he and his wife First Lady Donna Bruner, had been married for years having 3 young boys to share life with (Omari\Preachakid, Billy Jr., and Joseph\COO). Juggling the commendable tasks of being a Father and professional musician, he makes the genius decision to do both at the same time! 

           L2, Omari (PK), Jo-Jo, Billy Jr.

           L2, Omari (PK), Jo-Jo, Billy Jr.

  ' Blessing and Love' from Melvin Franklin - Temptations

  'Blessing and Love' from Melvin Franklin - Temptations

    In the mid 1980's, he spent an incomputable amount of time pouring his musical knowledge into his sons and unselfishly placed a majority of his solo gigs on hold.   He and his sons went on to form the R&B group 'The Bruner Brothers' whose youngest member Joseph was only 6 years old. 'The Bruner Brothers' became known for their tight harmonies sung on top of dad's funky grooves and slow melodic love ballads.

   After years of recording demo records and shopping for deals with his sons, Billy accepted the calling as a music minister under the direction of then Pastor Harold W. Jones (Full Gospel F.O.M. Tulsa, OK) - where his late mother, Bernice Bruner, worshipped.

    The Bruner Bros. had the honor of performing for the church often. The results? An outpouring of God's anointing on their lives. They soon noticed lives being affected due to Billy's obedience to guide his family in the right direction. The family immediately recorded their sound, ministering as the anointed 'B-4'. Performing all original songs written by Billy J. Bruner, the group instantly became one of the most highly requested Gospel acts in the local region. During the early years, the groups recordings were engineered by the tenured Bill Hagans Sr. and Leo Okeke. In September 1992, Tulsa's music market earned a visit from world renowned music producers Maurice Starr and Silver Sargeant (GEM Management) who had founded and produced super star acts such as 'New Kids on the Block' and 'New Edition'.  

    Producer Bill Hagans, was one of the groups 'go-to' engineers, who expeditiously introduced the star producers to Tulsa's very own 'B-4' and the group landed the record deal they had once dreamed of. Under new management the family/group were excited to take their talents to New England as the artist were required to.                    

   'B-4' performed with many other great acts as they toured the northeastern United States. The group even had the privilege of performing at Boston's premier STRAND theatre where manager/producer Maurice Starr had once founded the sensational R&B group 'New Edition'. 

    While accomplishing numerous great achievements during their early career, the family suffered a significant loss. On June 24th 1994, Billy Joe Bruner Jr. (age 15) was called home to be with our Father due to a tragic car accident in their hometown of Tulsa, OK. Billy Jr. was a remarkable son, lead singer, and well-known local athlete. Their loss was felt not only by their hometown but throughout the nation as well. Billy Sr., Omari, and Joseph took time off from performing and recording in an effort to allow God to heal them and direct their next steps. 

Billy Joe Bruner Jr. (1978-1994)

Billy Joe Bruner Jr. (1978-1994)

  The family neglected to ignore the fact that Billy Jr. would want the family to continue to strive for greatness in life and music. Billy Sr. even courageously served as musical director for his sons funeral.


   Back in the lab, 'B-4' kept it pushing with a purpose. Keeping all of Billy Jr's original recorded vocals they soon released 'B-4' "ALWAYS" (Summer '96), an album dedicated to their dearly beloved. The album sold-out in the Southwest region of the USA and the group packed venues throughout the states spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how they leaned on Him in their  time of need. The albums sentimental title track "ALWAYS" was a love letter to none other than their very own Billy Jr. 

                                [1994] Omari (Preachakid), Billy Sr. (CEO), JoJo (COO)       

                                [1994] Omari (Preachakid), Billy Sr. (CEO), JoJo (COO)



[1998] The Wallstreet Band - R. Smith, M. Clayton, P. Harding, B. Bruner, L. Shaw, B. Giles, M. Gray

[1998] The Wallstreet Band - R. Smith, M. Clayton, P. Harding, B. Bruner, L. Shaw, B. Giles, M. Gray

      The Bruner family then took time to enjoy the success of their latest release and other events, during these moments Billy felt it was pertinent that Omari and Jo-Jo had the space needed to evolve as young men. During his break from recording, Billy enjoyed spending time with his wife Donna and playing gigs with the 'cats' (The Wallstreet Band). 


    The year was 2002 when Billy J. Bruner accepted the calling that was prophesied over him prior to birth by his mother. Billy and Donna birthed RESTORATION CHRISTIAN CENTER, a ministry tailored by God for only the two to lead. Sons, Omari [PreachaKid] and Jo-Jo [COO], both enjoyed serving in the ministry as music ministers. While ushering God's people into His presence - Pastor B. took upon the challenge of writing and performing material out of his very own catalog along with the R.C.C. Praise Team.

    As the ideas kept rolling, he found himself back in studio mode and with the assistance of other gospel artists he released 'The Pastor B. Project' in 2008.   The album was recorded at Black Couch Productions, owned by the eldest son of the Lawrence Stokes (F.O.C.). Mr. Larry Stokes, primary engineer as well as a lead and back-up vocalist on the project spear-headed by the guy he calls his 'big brother', Billy J. Bruner.  

   The 'brothers' built a tight relationship while performing on the road with the Followers of Christ in the early 80's and their bond grew stronger as the decades passed. Their love for God, each other, and music made it a no-brainer as it lent itself to merging their musical powerhouses - creatively speaking. Having that said, in 2013 Pastor B. dropped the hit single 'Great Things' and trusted none other than 'brother' Larry Stokes and son Jo-Jo [COO] with the mix!

      With 'Great Things' still in rotation on all major internet-based radio stations, the Bruner music machine continues to consistently accrue new fans and social media followers daily. Over the decades, the label has released work from various genres including Disco, Dance, R&B, Funk, and Gospel! In the Fall of 2016, BBMG artist 'PreachaKid' added Hip-Hop to the companies long list of musical styles with the release of his controversial song 'War Attire', a track begotten by the recent turmoil caused by killing of a Tulsa musician, Terence Crutcher. Their love for people, music, and Tulsa drove the companies decision to move forward with the release, which is available for free (Amazon download) in an effort to gain awareness towards police brutality and violence. 


   Bruner Bros. Music Group will remain one of Oklahoma's premier record labels with over 40 years of experience in performance and recording, with 8 albums available at all major digital music outlets. The family owned and operated company vows to continue releasing their high quality sound with multiple albums scheduled to drop in early 2017.



stay tuned for more!!! 


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